Sleeping in this heat

hotAs far as the temperature goes, it’s disgusting outside. How can we sleep in this heat? I have some friends, who do not have air conditioning in their home, who have made a bit of a relief adventure for their kids. They set up cots in their basement where it is much cooler. They’re pretending they’re camping out. It helps that their freezer also is in the basement and that it’s loaded with ice pops!

When it’s hazy, hot and humid it’s perfectly fine to let your baby sleep in just a diaper. No extra clothing needed when it’s really brutal. BUT, if you camp out in your basement where it’s cool and sometimes damp, or you have the air conditioning cranked up in your home, you’ll want to check your kids before you hit the sack. It’s possible that adding a Tee shirt or a light blanket might be in order. Once the temp drops at night and the AC has cooled away the dragon breath of the day, it’s quite possible to get a little chill in the wee hours of the night and early morning.

Good luck with your Zzzzzzs.

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