Distraction action

cell phone thiefDoes your little one squirm when you try to wash her face? Does she refuse to give you back your recently robbed cell phone or car keys when you need them (usually when you’re running late for an appointment)? Don’t go ballistic, distract her with something else.

Fortunately, babies are easily distracted by just about anything you offer them. Place a few pieces of dry cereal on the high chair while you take a swipe at those messy cheeks. Or put a small dish of water in front of Jr. and tell him to wash his fingers (what fun!) while you attack his face.

Try swapping out those keys for something else in your purse: a hair clip, hair brush, tube of hand cream (tighten the cap!), or empty glasses case. Sometimes a picture book or magazine will do the trick.

Distraction is an excellent tool for redirecting curious, hands-on tots. What distraction actions have worked for you?

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