Honoring parents with angel babies

The loss of a baby is heart wrenching.  As today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, I want to take a moment to honor those parents who have angel babies. Most people cannot even imagine being in their shoes for an instant, yet alone having to live a day-to-day existence without the baby they continue to love.

The loss of a baby touches so many people in profound and long lasting ways. No two individuals grieve in exactly the same manner. The mother may grieve differently from the father. Children who were expecting their sibling to come home from the hospital experience their own grief as well. Even grandparents and close friends may be deeply affected. The ripple effects from the loss of a baby are widely felt.

The March of Dimes is committed to preventing premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality. It is our hope that through continued research, we will have a positive impact on the lives of all babies so that fewer families will ever know the pain of losing a child.

If you or someone you know has lost a baby, we hope that our online community, Share Your Story will be a place of comfort and support to you. There, you will find other parents who have walked in your shoes and can relate to you in ways that other people cannot. Log on to “talk” with other parents who will understand your grief. We also have bereavement materials available free of charge.

Please know that the March of Dimes is thinking of you today and every day.


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    heather rusk October 15, 2014

    I had found out I was pregnant with my first baby 3 days after mothers day after being told that I would never have babies of my own I had problems up tell my 9th week in to my pregnancy them things were going great tell I woke up from a nap Saturday the 9th of August to my water leaking out I didn’t know what it was I thought I used the restroom on myself so I cleaned up then a few hrs later I called my mom to come in my room some thing was wrong so she took me to the hospital and we found out I had been in labor I had my little baby boy Alexander Wayne at 10:01 that night and by 11:00 pm that night he had past he was 4.4 oz and 7 inches long its been a very hard long road for me and still is

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    samantha October 17, 2014

    I only had 4 weeks left and three days before had our baby shower so that day I had just finished setting up everything in our little girls room when I noticed I hadn’t felt her kick at all and she was normally very active I had little things I could do to make her kick like things I could eat that she wouldn’t like or if I laid on my side so I tried all these things and still nothing I called the doctor and they told me to come in as soon as possible so my fiance and I left right away and our already 4 year old son who was so excited to have a sister stayed with grandma this trip to the hospital I cried the whole way as I still did not feel anything it was the fastest we had made it to the Dr but it seemed like a life time we got there and we’re admitted right away I had three nurses try to find her heart beat with no luck at all our room sat silent then in came our Dr who I had just seen two days before he checked for her heart beat and still nothing that’s when the words ” I’m sorry hun but your baby has no heart beat ” clawed threw my heart like razors I lost it and my fiance who’s birthday was just the day before said nothing just stared at me I went threw 15 hours of normal labor and in that last few minutes of labor was when we found out how bad it was the umbilical cord was wrapped so tight I couldn’t push her out not once but twice then I hear the Dr say your done hun it’s over normally at this time is when everyone cries with joy and you hear that little cry from your new miracle but my room was once again silent an hour went by as they cleaned her up and they let us hold our angel baby I cried and talked to her and told her how much I will always love her and miss her as family came in they also had the chance to hole her those next few days were the worst of my life the day I got home our little boy asked mommy why is your tummy flat where is my maddie ( and her knew that was her name Maddie Ann) this conversation was by far the worst part of it all how do I tell him she’s not coming home ? Will he understand? He still asks from time to time and tells me he didn’t want her to go and I just smile and tell him maddie is our angel and she will always be in our heart and no one can take that from us

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    journeesmoMmy October 17, 2014

    Sorry for your lost heather we share the same shoes. I lost my baby girl journee on 1/25/14 she lived for 43 days after being born at 29 weeks we never left the NICU . Let me give the same advice and wisdom someone gave me. You are gonna be on a roller coaster of emotions and some days, seconds, mins, and hours are the worst. But in time is does get easier not better but easier to cope with. Its the hardest thing in the world to be a mother to angel. Trust me when i say cry, scream, yell it OUT do whatever you have to let that grief out. Also importantly make sure you join a grief group with other parents that understand what you are going through. do be kind to yourself. yOUR LIFE was forever changed when you had your son alexander and it will be forever changed now that he is in heaven with my daughter. Hugs to you

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    Thank you for putting this on here. I feel like its so overlooked. Every Mother’s Day has been hard. I am an angel mom of multiple angel babies. I have to say that losing child is hard at any stage.