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    Mary Green RN, MSN November 2, 2016

    I appreciate and feel that the promotional efforts of March of Dimes as well as AAP campaign to promote newborns to sleep in parents rooms is an improvement and realistic goal. For many mothers and parents infants are already sleeping in the same room and often in the same bed with mom and dad. The problem that continues is mom’s not realizing the danger of suffocating a newborn when they are sleeping in the same bed with mom and dad (and possibly other children). For infants to share the same room with mom’s seems like a most natural thing to do because you will be able to hear the baby when they awaken for feedings and it will be easier for mom and baby. the problem is many mothers and fathers or grandparents do not have appropriate newborn beds. We need to assist parents in getting the appropriate resources for their infants. Mary Green RN, MSN