Poison prevention

The world is a beautiful place! But sadly, some things in our environment can harm us and our children. With a little knowledge and some effort, parents can protect their babies from many of these hazards (like asbestos, carbon monoxide, poor drinking water, mold, chemicals in plastics…).  If you’re thinking of starting a family, brushing up on various safety topics for a baby’s environment is an excellent idea.

Each year, approximately 2.4 million people – more than half under age 6 – swallow or have contact with a poisonous substance. The American Academy of Pediatrics has some important tips to prevent and to treat exposures to poison. Tips are available in English and Spanish.

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2 Responses to “Poison prevention”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Please read my post on fire-safety. Creative, curious 4 year old boys, and their tendencies to not follow the rules!!


    Oh, and my daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes (type I), so I’ve got my eye on all causes. Hope you like the Momversation too.


    March of Dimes, hmm? Can’t say I’ve heard most of the details of that. Will further explore your beautiful site.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Jessica, I remember catching my son with matches and the same fire-in-the-fireplace story. Fire safety is so important. Thanks.

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