Dealing with diaper rash

diapersRed bottom, baby got ‘em?  It’s probably a type of diaper rash caused by any number of things.  Babies who poop a lot and are in contact with the stool for prolonged periods can get a sore bum.   Babies who are starting solid foods can react to the changes in digestion with a red or raw bottom.  The same negative reaction can occur if your baby is taking antibiotics – or if you are taking them and you’re breastfeeding –  because these meds can cause yeast organisms to flourish.  (Yeast infections usually won’t go away on their own and need medical treatment.  If the rash is located on the thighs, genitals and lower abdomen, rather than the buttocks, give your baby’s doc a call.)

The best way to tackle diaper rash is to take action as soon as you see redness.  The more irritated the skin gets, the harder it is to clear up.
• Check and change your baby’s diaper often – a.s.a.p. when she poops.
• Stop using baby wipes – they can irritate the skin more.  Instead, flush the area with warm water (did you keep that squirt bottle they gave you in the hospital?) and pat it dry.
• Avoid using baby powder.  It doesn’t really work and inhaling talc is a proven health risk.
• Don’t use rash creams that contain boric acid, camphor, phenol, menthyl salicylate or compound of benzoin tincture. They can be harmful to delicate skin.
• Cloth diapers without a plastic pants are helpful.  Make sure the diapers are washed in a baby-friendly detergent and are rinsed well.  Don’t use fabric softener.
• Let your baby’s tiny heinie stay naked and exposed to the air several times a day.  A little sunshine can be helpful, but be very careful about sunburn!

Have your baby’s doc check the rash if it shows signs of infection (bumps, pimples, small ulcers appear), if your baby has a fever or isn’t eating well, the rash starts spreading to other body parts, or the rash hasn’t improved within a few days, despite all your efforts.

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6 Responses to “Dealing with diaper rash”

  1. toni staff Says:

    Thank you alot!! this helped me out a bunches!!!

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Great! Glad to hear it!

  3. austina Says:

    Very nice article. My baby is 4 month old and rightly said … he is getting nappy rash very doc says that we should keep the area dry and clean.
    But you have mentioned it very clearly and in simple words. Hopefully it helps other moms like me.:-)

  4. Lindsay Says:

    Austina – Thanks for the feedback. Glad to know my post was helpful to you.

  5. Anne Says:

    Hannah’s tushy is still rash free despite the teething : )

  6. Lindsay Says:

    Anne, thanks for pointing this out. It may seem odd, but teething can sometimes set off an irritation at the opposite end of the baby’s bod. I’m happy to hear that Hannah”s heinie is still spotless.