Fight for Preemies

It’s Prematurity Awareness Month, when everyone’s focused on premature birth and the families touched by it.


In our country alone, more than half a million babies are born too soon each year, some very sick. Maybe you had a premature baby yourself. Or you may know someone who did.


This November, do something special for a baby you love. Click over to and create a virtual band in honor or memory of a baby in your life. Your gift funds research and programs that give premature babies a fighting chance.


If you have a blog, help us spread the word. Unite with thousands of bloggers around the world and post about premature birth  on November 17.

And if you are Twitter, use #fight4preemies.  Let’s try to get a trending topic going on November 17th.

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  1. Prem2pram Says:

    As It’s Prematurity Awareness Month I am helping to spread the word by following marchofdimes on twitter.

    Over the next several day I will also be bloging about premature babies and how everyone can get involved.

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