Fertility pills increase chances of twins and more

twinsMost of us know the story of Nadya Suleman. She’s the woman in California who had high-tech fertility treatments and wound up having eight babies.

Such sophisticated treatments increase the chances of multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets or more). They also can lead to health problems for mom and babies.

Did you know that fertility pills also increase the risk of mutiples?

If a woman is having trouble getting pregnant, doctors often begin fertility treatment by giving her a prescription for pills. These pills help her body release eggs (ovulate). Some of the names of these types of pills are Clomid, Serophene and clomiphene.

These pills are used much more commonly than high-tech fertility procedures. They probably play a major role in the serious problem of premature birth in the United States. Multiple pregnancy can be riskier for a woman and her babies than a pregnancy with only one baby.

If you are thinking about fertility treatment or are already taking the pills, talk to your doctor to learn more about their risks and benefits.

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11 Responses to “Fertility pills increase chances of twins and more”

  1. Jade Wood Says:

    This is a real dilemma for women struggling to get pregnant and diagnosed with fertility problems.

    On the one hand, a woman looking to increase fertility levels may be tempted to try ANYTHING to get pregnant. On the other … do you want to go from having no children to suddenly having a whole tribe of them?!

    Now I would hope that EVERY child is welcome and seen as a blessing, but it could be traumatic and put incredible strain on a relationship if fertility treatment resulted in multiple births way beyond what a couple calculated for. And the reason couples with infertility problems strive so desperately for a child is that they want to create a complete and happy family environment, right?
    Well … suddenly finding yourself with a household of needy kids can create the OPPOSITE of your dream scenario.

    IVF is one such treatment that can result in this and I discuss on my own site.

  2. Eloisa Says:

    I think fertility drugs are an amazing thing but always be prepared for what might happen you might only want two babies and you get three or four or many more just always be prepared for that

  3. olivia Says:

    Am 40yrs old I have seven children but I want twin please advise me

  4. gugu Says:

    I like to get pregnant fast please help me.

  5. Sara Says:

    Hello Olivia. Although we cannot give you an exact percentage, the greatest chance of you having twins is if you, yourself, are a fraternal twin. Identical twinning is not hereditary. You can read about other factors that increase your chances of twins on our website: http://www.marchofdimes.com/trying_multiples.html.

  6. Sara Says:

    Hi Gugu. If you are trying to get pregnant, this information on our website may be helpful: http://www.marchofdimes.org/pregnancy/getting-pregnant.aspx.

    And make sure you schedule a preconception checkup and talk to your doctor: http://www.marchofdimes.org/pregnancy/your-checkup-before-pregnancy.aspx.

  7. nicona Says:

    Im trying to get pregnant a.s.a.p I thinking im having trouble with ovulation what pill can make me ovulate fast so I can get pregnant fast somebody please help me

  8. Sara Says:

    Hi Nicona. You will need to talk to your health care provider. he can better advise you regarding any medications that may be appropriate.

  9. amina Says:

    i was taking preg omega3 tablets to help me get pregnant and now am pregnant with two ,so i wanted to ask is it possible that the tablets are responsible for being pregnant with two

  10. amina Says:

    i mean twins

  11. melinda Says:

    I wants 2 get pregnant with twins