Shopping cart safety

21025139_thm1Grocery shopping has become somewhat of a recreational activity these days. It’s a place to go. I get to see other adults and read the cover of magazines while checking-out. My daughter enjoys sitting high-up in the shopping cart while shaking a box of pasta and smiling at the other shoppers. I have one of those quilted shopping cart covers, so she’s kept cozy and clean. I’ve always noticed other women resting their infant car seats on the handle and back-rest of the grocery cart, but never thought anything about it.  However, I just came across some interesting info and thought it was important to share.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), in 2005, more than 24,000 children were treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms for shopping cart-related injuries. Most of these injuries occurred when a child fell from a shopping cart, the cart tipped over, the child became entrapped in the cart, or the child fell while riding on the outside of the cart.

The AAP suggests that parents who choose to place a child in a shopping cart should never:
• Leave a child alone in a shopping cart.
• Allow a child to stand-up in a shopping cart.
• Place an infant carrier on top of the shopping cart.
• Allow a child to ride in the basket.
• Allow a child to ride on the outside of a cart.
• Allow an older child to climb on the cart or push the cart with another child inside.

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