Treating diaper rash

diaper-offMy one year old granddaughter is taking antibiotics for a nasty ear infection and her poor fanny is aflame. The meds have triggered a bout of diarrhea and her little butt cheeks are bright red.  I know that when the diarrhea stops the diaper rash will end, but what’s best to do in the meantime?  It has been a while… I looked it up.

The best treatment is to let her run around in the buff to air dry as long as possible, but she lives in Vermont where it’s already snowing.  Next best is to try to change her diaper as soon as it is soiled or wet – not an easy task, especially those days she is in day care. Chemicals in urine and digestive agents in stool attack the skin and increase irritation.  When changing her, we don’t use soap, because soap can irritate the skin further.  We use plain water instead of diaper wipes because they can irritate, too. Once clean, slathering on petroleum jelly as a protective coating can help, especially if it has lanolin in it.

This whole experience makes me think of the many moms who are struggling to provide enough diapers for their babies. Did you know that 1 in 20 American moms struggling with diaper need have had to clean out and reuse wet or soiled disposable diapers? The March of Dimes is partnering with HUGGIES® Every Little Bottom in an effort to address this issue of diaper need and help get diapers to babies in need.  Learn more about the importance of diaper banks, how the March of Dimes is helping and what you can do.  You will find links to diaper banks in our previous post and the comments that follow it.

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2 Responses to “Treating diaper rash”

  1. Maria Says:

    A needy red rash? On antibiotics for a while? Sounds like it could be a yeasty rash. The bad and good bacteria are killed with antibiotics allowing yeast to grow out of control. Check with her pediatrician; they may prescribe an anti-fungal ointment for the diaper rash, like nystatin

  2. Patricia O'Connor Says:

    Breastmilk will clear up diaper rash as well as newborn rash.
    Sprinkle probiotics in the diaper as well.

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