Finding a doc for your baby

baby docYou’re pregnant and getting regular prenatal care – great! You’re all set. So how do you find a good health care provider for your baby once she or he has arrived? This provider could be a pediatrician, a family physician or another kind of health care provider.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says parents should ask the following questions when choosing a baby’s pediatrician, but this list can apply to any health care provider:
• Does the doctor accept your insurance? What are the office hours? Is the doctor taking new patients?
• How often should a baby see the doctor during the first year?
• Which hospital does the doctor use? What is the doctor’s preferred method of contact?
• How much are office visits, immunizations and other care costs?
• Is after-hours care available when your child is sick or when you have questions?

Make sure you feel comfortable talking to him or her. Also make sure their office is in a place that you can get to easily.  Try to decide on and meet with a provider before your baby is born.

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