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Pregnant? Have young kids? Learn how to stay safe during the holidays

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Holiday babyWith a little planning and a few tips, your holidays can be healthy, safe and bright.


Roaring fires in your fireplace are a beautiful sight in the winter, especially during the holiday season. But, it is essential to take simple steps to ensure your home is safe.

Keep your fireplace curtains or door closed when the fire is lit and be sure the damper is open. After the fire dies down, wait until the ashes are completely cold before disposing them. It is best to place the ashes in a metal trash can to ensure that a smoldering ember does not cause another fire. Have you had your fireplace flue cleaned recently? If not, consider having it done, to help prevent smoking.

Live Christmas trees

Christmas trees are beautiful and fragrant, but should be kept far away from your fireplace or any burning candles. Be sure all electrical connections are in perfect working order, and water your tree daily so that it does not dry out and become tinder.

If you have asthma, or anyone in your family has allergies or breathing problems, a live tree may cause irritation to the airways. Check with your health care provider to see if a live tree will cause any difficulty. If so, an artificial tree is a great alternative.


No one loves the sight of flickering candles more than I do, but the risk of a candle tipping over and causing a fire is real. Since I switched to battery operated candles, I no longer worry about accidents. They look so realistic and create the same effect. Do yourself a favor and take one more worry off your mind by using battery operated candles, especially if you have curious toddlers or children at home.

In addition, sometimes scented candles cause allergic reactions in people with breathing problems. Look for unscented versions or use battery operated candles.

Got any tips for this holiday season? We’d love to hear them.


Fireplace safety

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

fireplaceIt’s cold this winter and if you live on the east coast, you’ve probably been house-bound a lot due to all the crazy weather we’ve been getting.  Are you using your wood stove or fireplace to warm things up?  They can be helpful with heat, but a threat to toddlers, too.

It’s important to remember that little tikes are curious. They may never have noticed the fireplace before, but a new pretty flame is inviting. Make sure screens, grills, and doors are up and are sturdy. Little people lose their balance easily and can fall against them. Be aware that they’re probably hot, so don’t rely on them for complete protection. Wood/gas stoves may hide a flame but they can get very hot, as can big cast iron radiators, so consider putting a barrier around them. Some parents who want to be in the room with the fireplace or stove use a playpen to keep small fry at a safe distance. Some put up a gate in a doorway to keep inquisitive toddlers away from harm.  If your child might be in the room with the heat source, be sure to keep matches/lighters and starter bricks out of reach and remember that firewood can give splinters to helpful fingers!

Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are operational with new batteries. Once a fire is out, close the damper in the chimney and don’t lose your precious heat! For more important tips on fireplace safety, including keeping your stove or fireplace and chimney clean of creosote, read this information from the EPA.