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Pregnancy after a preterm birth: can you prepare?

Monday, August 21st, 2017

If you’re thinking about getting pregnant after having a premature baby, you may have many questions and concerns. Having had a premature baby in the past makes you more likely to have preterm labor and give birth early in another pregnancy.

When you’re ready to become pregnant again, schedule a preconception checkup with your health care provider. This is the best time to discuss your previous pregnancy and ask all of your questions and concerns about becoming pregnant again.

Not sure where to start? Here are some questions to ask your provider:

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How to choose a prenatal care provider

Monday, July 9th, 2012

your providerWhether you choose an obstetrician, a family practice doctor, a certified nurse-midwife, or a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, the first step in getting prenatal care is to find the best provider for you.

Choose a health care provider who makes you feel comfortable and who listens to you. Questions you may want to consider include:
• Does the provider have a good reputation?
• Does the provider listen to you and take the time to explain things clearly and thoroughly?
• Are you comfortable with the gender and age of the provider?
• Does the provider make your partner feel comfortable, too?
• Is the office staff pleasant and respectful?
• Is the location of the office convenient? Do the hours fit your schedule?
• What hospital is the provider affiliated with? Does the hospital have a good reputation? Is its location convenient?
• Is the provider in a solo, group or collaborative practice?
• Will you always be seen by the same provider during your office appointments?
• Who covers for the provider when he or she is unavailable?
• Who handles phone calls during office hours? Does the provider charge for phone consultations? How are calls and emergencies handled after hours?
• Does your insurance cover this health care provider?

It’s OK to ask for an informational interview with more than one provider before making your decision. This is an important time in your life and you want to feel as comfortable and well cared for as possible.