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Meeting other moms

Monday, October 19th, 2009

60516849_thbOn most days it’s just me and my 9 month old. My husband works long hours. We moved about a year ago and I’m further away from my friends. Needless to say, I’m feeling a little isolated. And with winter approaching it’s only going to get worse. I don’t want the majority of our outings spent roaming around a shopping mall or grocery store. I need to branch out and get to know other moms. After having a new baby, what are some ways for new moms to network and meet other new moms in their area? Please help!

Making the best of bedrest

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

knit-scarvesSometimes a health provider tells a pregnant women to stay in bed because she is having spotting, early contractions or other signs of preterm labor.

Both mom and the provider want to do everything they can to help get the baby to term.

But let’s face it, bedrest can be BORING! Women knit, catch up on their reading, watch a lot of TV, or visit online communities like Share Your Story from the March of Dimes and Sidelines.

Some women get very anxious when they’re on bedrest. They worry about everything they feel in their bodies. And with so much time on their hands, their thoughts race.

A small new study has found that music may relieve anxiety. In the study, women on bedrest chose from a selection of slow, soothing music provided by the researchers. Anxiety levels in women who received “music therapy” decreased.

This study reminds us that sometimes medical research confirms what we already suspect. So if you are on bedrest or if you know someone who is, play some restful slow music. It might help.

Babies Ready to Rock

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

musical-beatYou know when you hear a new song you like and your foot starts tapping to the beat? You instinctively know when the next beat is coming and you’re just having a good time grooving to the music. Well, it looks like babies can carry the beat, too!

The USA Today published an article about a study on how babies can actually get the rhythm of a beat. Since babies can’t snap their fingers or tap their toes, the authors of the study measured the brain activity of a group of newborns. They found that when a rhythmic beat played, the babies’ brains expected the beat continue. If the beat stopped or fell off rhythm, their brain activity showed the error in the musical pattern.

So the next time you hear your favorite song, don’t be afraid to turn the dial up a little bit so your baby can enjoy it, too. Like Stevie Wonder once sang, “they can feel it all over.”

Joyful music makes your heart sing!

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Joyful music can bring on emotions that are good for your blood vessels and heart, according to researchers at the University of Maryland. People participating in the study chose music that made them happy. When they listened to their favorite tunes, their blood vessels opened up and blood flow increased. In 2005, the researchers found that laughter had a similar effect. So listen to whatever makes you happy, whether it’s Rihanna or Celine, Kanye or Jason Mraz, Mozart or Chesney. And laugh a lot! It’s all good for you!

Music can also help reduce stress while you’re pregnant. Watch the new March of Dimes video about stress and pregnancy.

For more on music and health , visit the University of Maryland Web site.

Which music makes you happy? Tell us about it.

Ease labor pains with music

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Studies show that music can ease the pain of labor. Pregnant women and medical professionals across the country are increasingly embracing this notion. Some hospitals even supply CD players in their maternity and birthing centers. Calming, inspirational music can help women relax during labor and prepare for the birth of their babies.

The March of Dimes recently released “Stork Tunes,” a compilation CD that includes music from such artists as Billy Joel, Norah Jones, Dixie Chicks, Celine Dion and other top musicians.  Each song was selected for its focus on motherhood and babies.

“Stork Tunes” can be purchased from Amazon. In addition to helping an expectant mother feel at ease, you’ll also help fund the organization’s efforts to give every baby a healthy start in life.